High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose
 High Temperature High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose
 High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Rubber Hose

 Steel Wire Spiral Drilling Rubber Hose

 Ocean High Pressure Oil Rubber Hose
 Antiflaming Fireproof Rubber Hose
 Expansion Rubber Hose
 Ocean Oil Platform Erosion Resitant Riser

 Rubber Hose Series

 Fast Coupling Assembly
 High Pressure Metal Hose
ADD No. 103, West Daqing Road, Hengshui City.

Goal: to Serve Mother County by Growing Quickly and Leading the World.
(1) Leading the world: to increase the market share around the globe and make a universal brand name.
(2) to Serve Mother Country: to strengthen the rubber hose industry and China economy.

Company Ethics: Humane, Harnimous, Honest, Promise-keeping.
(1) Humane: to care for people, respect people.
(2) Harnimous: to be harnimous with environment and human beings.
(3) Honest: to act honestly, with no cheating.
(4) Promise-keeping: to keep promises and contracts to customers.

Company Tenet: to cherish interests of customers and our country.
(1) to cherish customers’interests with continous improvement;
(2) to cherish the country’interests with warm heart.

Management Principle: Be Harnimous
To harnimous with all factors within company to keep the company improving continously
Competition Strategy: Good, Better, Optimizing, Withdrawl
(1)Good: to exceed competitors with unique function and service;
(2)Better: to keep improving our products and service to make us competitive all the time;
(3)Optimizing: to optimize all resources to lower cost.
(4)Withdrawl: to transfer into other industry when market weakens.

Quality Policy: to satisfy customers’demand with quality and service and obtain satisfaction.


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