High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose
 High Temperature High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose
 High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Rubber Hose

 Steel Wire Spiral Drilling Rubber Hose

 Ocean High Pressure Oil Rubber Hose
 Antiflaming Fireproof Rubber Hose
 Expansion Rubber Hose
 Ocean Oil Platform Erosion Resitant Riser

 Rubber Hose Series

 Fast Coupling Assembly
 High Pressure Metal Hose
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Commitments to Products and Service

Also our Quality Policy: to make quality products and set up brand.
We are committed to offer quality rubber hose products and satisfying service to you as follows:
(1) to appear on the spot helping you within 24 hours within province, after we receive your complaint or claim by phone, letter or fax, to set off within 16 hours if you are ouside our province border.
(2) You have the options of having the goods repaired, changed, or returned to us, once it is agreed that the problem is on our end.
(3) We promise to keep the goods delivered as required satisfying all requirements mentioned on the purchase order.
(4) We can help you learn the connecting and coupling as afterservice.
(5)Commitment Conditions:
1、 Please use the hoses as User Manual required.
2、The goods should be inspected after delivery.  Please claim to us if you have any questions of quantity.  And the hoses should be reinspected if you keep it in stock over one year.


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